I. Terms and conditions applicable to the sale of craftsmanbarrels products

II. Restrictions of age.

III. Purchase conditions for Craftsmanbarrels products.

IV. Modalities of payment.

V. Transaction of the payment and reservation of the order.

SAW. Process of confirmation and approval of the order.

VII. Product delivery

VIII. Delivery exceptions.

IX. Products not supplied or supplied incorrectly.

X. General rules for return cases and types of return.

XI. Return of order by purchase withdrawal.

XII. Return of order supplied incorrectly.

XIII. Return of order by quality, damaged or defective product.

XIV. Instructions for returning the product through the courier company.

XV. Product change in Craftsmanbarrels stores.

XVI. Money refund

XVII. Requirements for withdrawal of reimbursement at the bank teller window.

XVIII. Rescission of sale

XIX Contact information.

XX. Law and Jurisdiction applicable.

XXI. Privacy.

I. Terms and conditions applicable to the sale of Craftsmanbarrels products.


The present contract of sale between craftamsnbarrels. (hereinafter Craftsmanbarrels) and the consumer, will be governed by these Terms and Conditions, which will be perfected once the price of the merchandise has been covered, accepted and recognized by the payment systems of Craftsmanbarrels, which will be specified Subsequently and once the payment is verified, Craftsmanbarrels will deliver the selected products and paid by the consumer, at the address indicated by the consumer.

II. Restrictions of age.

The sale can only be made by persons who are 18 years of age or older, so that persons under 18 years of age will not be able to make a purchase, but through their parent or legal guardian, or whoever holds the contract. exercise of parental authority, custody and custody.

III. Purchase conditions for Craftsmanbarrels products.

1. Consumers may only purchase products: (a) that are available for sale and whose details appear in the Craftsmanbarrels online store; (b) products whose delivery can be made in international territories by the courier company, (c) whose purpose is not its commercialization or profit by the consumer. The alienation for commercial purposes of products purchased outside authorized channels may constitute a crime.

2. The details of the products available for purchase, including their corresponding price, are specified in the Craftsmanbarrels online store. Craftsmanbarrels will take all necessary steps to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of the products that appear in the Craftsmanbarrels online store are correct.

3. The products listed in the online shop of Craftsmanbarrels, are available in the quantities available, with the characteristics of materials, sizes and colors visible at the time of purchase.

4. To make a purchase, the consumer must enter the online shop of Craftsmanbarrels, on the website and select the product (s) that he wishes to buy, by filling out the corresponding form, in the which will require some personal data, including an email to contact the consumer during the purchase process.

5. The products selected by the consumer will be included in the basket / shopping cart. At the end of the selection of products, the consumer must press the "Go to the box" button to access the summary page of the order in which you can identify the price, description and quantity of the selected products or correct or modify your order .

6. At the end of the order summary page, the consumer must press the "Continue" button so that they can pay for the selected product (s) and Craftsmanbarrels can process the purchase of their order, which can be done through the payment systems that are described in section "IV. Modalities of Payment. "

7. Upon completion of this procedure, Craftsmanbarrels, will notify the consumer through an email that is indicated below, the order confirmation of the products.

IV. Modalities of payment.

1. The consumer can pay with his bank card, either credit or debit Visa, MasterCard and American Express. The charge on your bank card will be made when the company has authorized the purchase of the products and prior to the delivery of the same.

2. Payment by credit card and / or debit card is completely secure. The entire transaction is made in encrypted form through a bank validation server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol, so your credit card number and expiration date are instantly encrypted on your computer before of being sent to the SSL protocol.

3. Likewise, the consumer may make his payment by bank transfer online or in cash, for which the system will show the indications at the time of making the purchase, according to the following.

a) Regarding the authorized banking institutions, when making it through our provider called "paypal", the consumer must follow the instructions that appear at the moment of making the payment.

4. In case the consumer requires a fiscal invoice for the purchase of products, he must request it at the moment of carrying out the purchase procedure. For this purpose, you must provide your complete and correct billing information. Once the invoice is issued, there will be no re-billing. Craftsmanbarrels undertakes to issue the corresponding fiscal invoice according to the fiscal requirements established in the current law.

V. Transaction of the payment and reservation of the order.

1. In the event that the consumer has made the payment through a credit or debit card, Craftsmanbarrels will request from the processing company of said card, the authorization to be able to charge for the total amount of their purchase, which is indicated on the order summary page. If the consumer's credit or debit card is not authorized, the sale can not be made.

2. Likewise, the consumer may opt for payment in cash, which may be made in the convenience stores that are detailed in the section "IV Modalities of Payment".

3. The consumer acknowledges and agrees to pay Craftsmanbarrels the total amount of the products, before the consumer receives them.

The authorization process for payment by credit card, debit card or cash, may be carried out within a period not exceeding 3 (three) business days, counted from the date on which the consumer provided the data of your credit card or debit.

SAW. Process of confirmation and approval of the order.

Craftsmanbarrels will take the process of confirmations and approvals of the order, which will be notified to the consumer through a series of emails as follows.

1. Craftsmanbarrels will send the consumer a first email confirming the receipt of the order of products ("Confirmed Order"), which does not constitute an automatic acceptance of the order by Craftsmanbarrels, but until such time as Craftsmanbarrels receives authorization regarding the payment.

2. Craftsmanbarrels will send the consumer a second email once payment of the total amount of their product order has been approved. ("Payment confirmation").

3. The consumer will receive a third email from Craftsmanbarrels, confirming that the products he has requested have been sent to him ("Sent Order").

VII. Product delivery

1. Craftsmanbarrels will deliver the order, at the address indicated by the consumer.

2. Once the consumer receives the email "Sent Order", Craftsmanbarrels through the courier company, will deliver your order within the deadlines established above, for which the courier company will make 3 (three) delivery attempts .

3. If the consumer wishes to track the shipment of his order, he will be able to follow up, by means of the guide number that was provided to him through the email "Order sent".

4. Deliveries will be made only from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on business days through the courier company, so they will not be made on weekends or holidays where there is no official service. Banks in Mexico (this connotation of "business day" or "business days" will be the one that will be used throughout this contract of sale, when reference is made to said terms.)

5. In purchases of products worth less than $ 1499.00 (One thousand four hundred and ninety nine Mexican pesos) Craftsmanbarrels will charge the consumer a fee of $ 99.00 (Ninety-nine pesos), this amount per shipment is fixed. In the event of the return of the product, whether due to retraction of purchase, incorrect delivery or quality, damage or defective (as defined in clauses XI, XII and XIII), provided that all the products originally requested are returned, the cost per shipment will be refunded in full, through the same means of refund established in the section called "XVI. Money Reimbursement. "If the return of the quantity of the products is partial, the reimbursement of the shipping cost will not be made.

6. All deliveries will be accompanied by an acknowledgment of receipt. Delivery times will be between 2 (two) to 6 (six) business days, as soon as the consumer receives the email "Order sent".

7. In the event that the consumer fails to receive the delivery of their order within the term mentioned in the previous paragraph, they must contact the Customer Service area by dialing the telephone number 01 800 0 23 43 27, in order to verify the status of your order, for which you will be asked to provide the order number of your order so that the Customer Service area notifies you via email or phone the state in which the delivery is located. The notification regarding the status of your order will be made within a period no longer than 1 (one) business day from the date the consumer communicated to verify the status of your order.

8. In case there is a delay and this is due to causes attributable to Craftsmanbarrels or to the courier company in charge of the delivery, the consumer will have the right to receive as compensation of his choice a product of those that are available within of the online shop of Craftsmanbarrels, whose value may be for an equivalent amount up to a maximum amount of 20% (twenty percent) over the total amount of the payment made for the order you have made.

9. In the event that the consumer decides to reject the right to compensation, he / she may carry out the return of his / her order under the concept of retraction of purchase, for which he / she must observe the conditions and requirements established in section "XI. Return of Orders for Purchase Retraction ".

10. Craftsmanbarrels will not be directly responsible if the delivery period from 2 (two) to 6 (six) working days is not met when the non-fulfillment in the delivery period originates due to circumstances of fortuitous event or force majeure or the consumer is not located at your home. Craftsmanbarrels will inform the consumer within a period of 6 (six) business days after becoming aware of the fortuitous event or force majeure that makes it impossible to comply with said delivery, the delay or the impossibility of compliance. If derived from the delay caused by fortuitous event or force majeure, any of the products of your order is no longer available, the consumer shall have the right to choose the compensation or refund described in number 8 of this section.

We inform you that the delivery times during purchases made from January 17 to 31, can be extended up to 4 additional days to our regular times

VIII. Delivery exceptions.

1. For the delivery of the order, Craftsmanbarrels will use a courier company; however, Craftsmanbarrels will remain responsible at all times to the consumer during the delivery process.

2. For each unsuccessful delivery attempt, the courier company will leave the consumer a delivery notice at the address of the same. Subsequently, upon the third unsuccessful delivery attempt, the package will return to the Craftsmanbarrels warehouse, so the consumer should contact the Customer Service telephone number.

3. In cases where the consumer has not been able to be located at the address provided, the data provided by the consumer has not been correct, access to the courier company is not allowed, or other data attributable to the consumer, will consider the package as "Envelope with Problem", for which the package will remain at the branch of the courier company closest to the consumer's address, which will be communicated to the consumer via email, for a period of 48 (forty eight) hours until the consumer comes to pick up his order; after the aforementioned deadline and in case you have not picked up the package you will return to the Craftsmanbarrels store, so the consumer must contact the customer service phone number.

4. In the event that the order must be collected at a branch of the courier company, according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the conditions and requirements that the consumer must meet are the following: (a) show the original of your current official identification with photograph (elector's credential issued by the National Electoral Institute, professional license or passport); (b) provide the dispatch guide number by Craftsmanbarrels with prefix; and, (c) prove to be the owner / recipient of the purchase.

5. In case of NO presenting the addressee to collect the order.

6. For cases in which the consumer requires to change the address where the delivery will be made, will only proceed if the new address has the same postal code of the address that registered at the time of making the purchase, you must contact the Customer Service phone , in case of not following the procedure that will be indicated through the Customer Service, the change of address will not be authorized.

IX. Products not supplied or incorrectly supplied.

1. If Craftsmanbarrels detects that the products section has not been correctly done and for that reason can not supply part or all of the ordered products in the Craftsmanbarrels online store and this impossibility of supply is not attributable to the consumer, the consumer will receive an email to the address you have provided to let you know the status of your order, in which case Craftsmanbarrels will have an additional 5 (five) business days from the date on which the consumer received the notice, so that it is in possibility to satisfy the supply of the or the missing product; In case it has not been possible to perform the supply thereof, the consumer will receive a second email where they will be informed about this situation in which case, will have the right to terminate the contract according to section "XVIII. Causes of termination of sale ", for which you must give notice through the Customer Service of Craftsmanbarrels, in order to make the refund of the payment made in accordance with the provisions of section" XVI Reimbursement of money ".

X. General Rules for return cases and types of returns.

For any type of return that the consumer wishes to make, the following general rules must be followed.

1. The consumer may make an incorrectly supplied Return Order type.

2. Craftsmanbarrels will send you an email in order to notify you of the authorization of your return or otherwise, we will notify you of the non-origin of the return.

3. Once you receive the aforementioned email, and in case the return is authorized: (i) if your payment was made through your credit or debit card, your refund will be made in a period of time

XI. Return of order by purchase withdrawal

1.        Does not apply.

XII. Return of order supplied incorrectly.

In the event that your order has been supplied incorrectly by Craftsmanbarrels, according to the following assumptions, the consumer may perform the procedure detailed below:

(a) for an incorrect item;

(b) by an incorrect size or,

(c) unsatisfactory in relation to the ordered product, ie it does not correspond to the brand, or specifications and other substantial elements under which it was offered, except quality claims regulated in section "XIII. Return of order by quality, damaged or defective product "of this contract.

The consumer may return the product provided that the following conditions and requirements are met:

1. The product remains new and unused and has not suffered an essential, irreparable and serious deterioration due to causes attributable to the consumer;

2. The product is returned with original packaging, box and labels;

3. It is within the term of 5 (five) calendar days from the date on which the consumer received the product.

4. The consumer delivers proof of payment that the product was purchased on the Craftsmanbarrels online page

5. You can make the change of product for that of the characterizations requested in case there is no inventory, will proceed to make the money back, according to section "XI. Return of purchase order for retraction "and reimbursement according to section" XVI. Money back. "

XIII. Return of orders for poor quality, damaged or defective product

1. It must be submitted to an analysis by the company to determine its origin.

I. The product has not been altered by the consumer;

II. The product has not been used in conditions other than those recommended or appropriate to its nature or destination, and that has not suffered an essential deterioration, irreparable and serious for reasons attributable to the consumer

III. That the product is presented in its original packaging, whether box, wrapper, or any other within which it has been delivered, as well as bear the original labels, without releasing the same

IV. Is within the term of 5 (five) calendar days from the date on which the consumer has received the product or products, and,

V. The consumer delivers proof of payment that the product was purchased from the Craftsmanbarrels online store.

XVI. Money refund

1. The refund of money for incorrect supply will be made depending on the payment method used in the purchase:

(a) For purchases made by Credit / Debit card the money refund will be credited to the account corresponding to the bank card used during the purchase;

2. The deadlines for refunding money will be 10 (ten) business days from the date of confirmation and acceptance by Craftsmanbarrels, which will be informed by email.

3. In case of reimbursement, Craftsmanbarrels will issue a reimbursement order in favor of the consumer ("Reimbursed Payment"), which frees Craftsmanbarrels from any obligation regarding the respective money transfer once the corresponding order has been delivered.

4. The bank that the consumer uses or the receiving entity that the consumer selects may take several days to process the refund order, so in case of any concern, claim or delay the consumer should contact their issuing bank directly.

XVII. Requirements for withdrawal of reimbursement at the bank teller window.

1. In case of reimbursement by bank teller, it is mandatory that the consumer, once he receives the refund confirmation number from Craftsmanbarrels, presents the following documents to the bank:

(a) Original of your current official identification

(b) Printed refund order number provided by Craftsmanbarrels

(c) Indication of the amount to be withdrawn.

2. The consumer will have a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days to make the withdrawal at the teller window, counted from the date on which Craftsmanbarrels has sent him via email the refund confirmation number.


XVIII. Rescission of sale.

A case of breach of this contract, whether by Craftsmanbarrels or by the consumer, will be considered as a condition for the validity of the same. Only after such breach has become a breach not remedied by Craftsmanbarrels and in case the consumer does not accept the action to correct such breach, this contract may be automatically terminated at the discretion of the consumer, without the need for previous judicial resolution and without any responsibility.

Craftsmanbarrels establishes that whenever the products offered through the online store of Craftsmanbarrels are for sale of the consumer as final recipient, the consumer will not be able to buy them for the purpose of reselling and / or commercializing them for profit, so that in the event that it detects this behavior on the part of the consumer, Craftsmanbarrels may proceed in accordance with the legal actions that assist it.

In the event that the company processing a credit or debit card does not authorize the payment of the purchase price, because the card could be reported as fraudulent and / or stolen or without solvency for the acquisition of the products, the sale it will not be carried out, and this situation will be communicated to the consumer via email, where this reason is expressed.


XIX Contact information.


The consumer can send their claims, questions and / or complaints in writing in the mail. (

Craftsmanbarrels will respond to the consumer within a maximum period of 48 (forty eight) hours counted from the receipt of your claim, questions and / or complaints.


XX. Law and Jurisdiction applicable.

1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Mexico, without reference to its provisions regarding conflicts of law. The Federal Consumer Procurator's Office is competent by administrative means to resolve disputes that arise over compliance with this contract in the terms and cases provided for by the Federal Consumer Protection Law. This contract or the fulfillment of the Terms and Conditions, will be resolved exclusively by a competent court located in the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, which will be the only venue for any dispute. If any part of this contract becomes illegal, invalid or not applicable, said part will be separated and will not affect the validity and compliance with the remaining provisions.

2. Craftsmanbarrels may modify these Terms and Conditions by updating this publication and prior to its corresponding registration.

3. Craftsmanbarrels may terminate this contract in advance, in accordance with the provisions of section "XVIII. Causes of rescission of purchase "without liability and without the need for prior judicial resolution.

XXI. Privacy.

The data that Craftsmanbarrels collects from you, will be jealously protected, will not be shared with anyone and its use will be to give notice and notifications in favor of the consumer.